2012 Regular Session

Agenda for Senate Proceedings No. 16

February 2 2012

    Introductory Senate Bills No.020 completed
    Introductory Senate Bills No.021 completed
    Committee ReportFinance No.001 completed
FEBRUARY 2, 2012

SB 425 Harford Co. Senators Harford County - Tax Sales - Auctioneer FeesB&T
SB 426 Sen. Glassman Creation of a State Debt - Harford County - Broad Creek Memorial Scout ReservationB&T
SB 427 Sen. Glassman Pregnancy Outcomes - Confidential Statistical Reporting RequirementsFIN
SB 428 Sen. Glassman Commission to Study Expanding the Voluntary Agricultural Nutrient Credit Certification ProgramEHE
SB 429 Sen. Young Developmental Disabilities - Group Homes and Alternative Living Units - DispersionEHE
SB 430 Sen. Young Business Regulation - Cemeteries - Forfeited Rights To IntermentFIN
SB 431 Sen. Young Workers' Compensation - Emergency Responders - RevisionsFIN
SB 432 Sen. Young Procurement - Maryland Buy American Steel and Manufactured Goods ActEHE
SB 433 Sen. Young Labor and Employment - User Name and Password Privacy ProtectionFIN
SB 434 Sen. Young Instns of Postsecondary Ed - Electronic Account, Serv, and Communs Dvc Privacy ProtectionEHE
SB 435 Sen. McFadden Maryland Economic Development Corporation - Bonding Authority and Reporting RequirementB&T
SB 436 Sen. McFadden Maryland Consolidated Capital Bond Loan of 2008 - Baltimore City - Roberta's HouseB&T
SB 437 Sen. Brinkley Frederick County - Alcoholic Beverages - Follow-Up Criminal History Records ChecksEHE
SB 438 Sen. Brinkley Ethics - Former Local Government Officials and EmployeesEHE
SB 439 Sen. Brinkley Frederick County - Alcoholic Beverages - Citations Issued by InspectorsEHE
SB 440 Sen. Garagiola Highway User Revenue DistributionB&T
SB 441 Sen. Garagiola Transportation Trust Fund - Financing - Use of FundsB&T
SB 442 Sen. Colburn Program Open Space - Local Projects - Funding for DevelopmentEHE
SB 443 Sen. Colburn Natural Resources - Public Shellfish Fishery Area - StandardsEHE
SB 444 Sen. Colburn Optional Retirement Program - State Employees and Teachers - ParticipationB&T
SB 445 Sen. Colburn Criminal Law - Animal Cruelty - Assignment and Costs of AnimalJPR
SB 446 Sen. Colburn Sales and Use Tax - Sales of Dyed Diesel FuelB&T
SB 447 Sen. Colburn Dorchester County - Restriction on Sunday Gaming - RepealB&T
SB 448 Sen. Colburn Talbot County - Alcoholic Beverages - WineriesEHE
SB 449 Sen. Middleton Electric Service Quality and Reliability Standards - DeadlinesFIN
SB 450 Chair, EHE Com. State Board of Environmental Health Specialists - Transfer of ResponsibilitiesEHE
SB 451 Sen. Middleton Credit Regulation - Finder's Fees - Table-Funded LoansFIN
SB 452 Sen. Middleton Other Tobacco Products Licenses - RepealB&T & FIN
SB 453 Sen. Stone Wrongful Death and Survival Causes of Actn - Crim Homicide - Time Limits for Bringing Civil ActnJPR
SB 454 Sen. Stone Courts - Violation of Probation - Appeal on the RecordJPR
SB 455 Sen. Middleton State Personnel - Special Appointments - StatusFIN
SB 456 Sen. Middleton Health Insurance - Health Benefit Plan Premium Rate ReviewFIN
SB 457 Sen. Kelley Creation of a State Debt - Baltimore County - Children's Home Therapeutic Group Home BuildingB&T
SB 458 Sen. Kelley Senior Call-Check Service Program - EstablishmentFIN
SB 459 Sen. King Creation of a State Debt - Montgomery County - Montgomery Village South Valley ParkB&T
FEBRUARY 2, 2012

SB 460 Sen. King Vehicle Laws - Child Safety Seats and Seat Belts - PenaltyJPR
SB 461 Sen. Jacobs Emer Med Servs - Automated External Defibrillators - Immun from Liab and Fac Registr ReqmtJPR
SB 462 Anne Arundel Co. Sens Peace Order or Protective Order Petition - Respondent's AddressJPR
SB 463 Anne Arundel Co. Sens Local Government Self-Insurance Funds - Exclusion from Investment GuidelinesB&T
SB 464 Anne Arundel Co. Sens County Transfer Tax - CollectionB&T
SB 465 Sen. Frosh Natural Resources - Shark or Elasmobranch Fins - Prohibition on Possession or DistributionEHE
SB 466 Sen. Edwards Allegany and Garrett Counties - Slot Machines for Nonprofit OrganizationsB&T
SB 467 Sen. Edwards Income Tax Credit - Teachers at the Md School for the Blind and the Md School for the DeafB&T
SB 468 Sen. Edwards Real Property - Acquisition by State Highway Administration - Unpaid AssessmentsJPR
SB 469 Sen. Edwards Family Security Trust Fund - Interest EarningsB&T
SB 470 Sen. Edwards Allegany County - Orphans' Court Judges - PensionB&T
SB 471 Sen. Edwards Real Property - Natural Gas and Oil Leases - Recordation Requirement - Intake SheetJPR
SB 472 Sen. Edwards Environment - Dormant Mineral Interests - Termination by Court Order RequirementsEHE & JPR
SB 473 Sen. Pinsky Md Consolidated Capital Bond Loan of 2008 - Prince George's Co - New Carrollton Recreation CenterB&T
SB 474 Sen. Pinsky State Bd of Prof Cnslrs and Therapists - Certified Prof Counselor-Alcohol and Drug - RepealEHE
SB 475 Sen. King Stormwater Management - Dredging - Testing for Toxic SubstancesEHE
SB 476 Sen. Klausmeier State Government - Financial Education and Capability CommissionEHE & FIN
SB 477 Sen. Klausmeier Job Creation Tax Credit - Amount of Credit and Termination ProvisionsB&T
SB 478 Sen. Ferguson Education - School Buses - Fire Safety Standards for Engine ComponentsEHE
SB 479 Sen. Ferguson Health Occupations - Physician Assistants - Patient's Access to Supervising PhysicianEHE
SB 480 Sen. Zirkin Creation of a State Debt - Baltimore County - Acorn Hill Natural Play AreaB&T
SB 481 Sen. Zirkin Family Law - Child Custody - Interim Custody or Visitation OrderJPR
SB 482 Sen. Zirkin Residential Real Estate - Transfer of Mortgage Servicing - Disclosure of Additional InformationFIN
SB 483 Sen. Benson Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays Critical Area - Prohibition - Junk and Scrap Metal FacilitiesEHE
SB 484 Sen. Kelley Managed Care Organizations - Medical Loss Ratio Information - PublicationFIN
SB 485 Sen. Kelley Continuing Care Retirement Communities - RegulationFIN
SB 486 Sen. Raskin Vehicle Laws - Speed Monitoring Systems - EnforcementJPR
SB 487 Sen. Raskin Vehicle Laws - Salvage - Defective, Lost, or Destroyed Certificates of TitleJPR
SB 488 Sen. Astle Vehicle Laws - Protective Headgear Requirement for Motorcycle Riders - ExceptionJPR
SB 489 Sen. Astle Bail Bondsmen - Qualifications for Licensure - Acceptance of Installment ContractsJPR
SB 490 Sen. Pinsky Creation of a State Debt - Prince George's County - Hamilton Street Parking GarageB&T
SB 491 Sen. Gladden Civil Rights - Discrimination by a Place of Public Accommodation - Enforcement and RemediesJPR
SB 492 Sen. Gladden Inmates - Life Imprisonment - Parole Approval - Felony Murder AccompliceJPR
SB 493 Sen. Gladden Transportation - Baltimore Corridor Red Line Transit Study - Study PeriodFIN
SB 494 Sen. Gladden Criminal Procedure - Retention of Right to ExpungementJPR
SB 495 Sen. Gladden Criminal Law - First Degree Murder - LimitationJPR
SB 496 Sen. Gladden Crim Procedure - Unexecuted Warrant, Summons, or Other Crim Process - Invalidation and DestructionJPR
SB 497 Sen. Jones-Rodwell Employees' Ret and Pension Systems - Reemployment of Retirees - Parole and Probation EmployeesB&T
SB 498 Sen. Jones-Rodwell State Ret and Pension System - Contrib Rates and Reinvestment of Savings - Technical ClarifsB&T
SB 499 Sen. Forehand Creation of a State Debt - Montgomery County - TLC's Katherine Thomas SchoolB&T
SB 500 Sen. Pugh Creation of a State Debt - Baltimore City - Coppin Heights Urban Revitalization Project - Phase IB&T
SB 501 Sen. Pugh Creation of a St Debt - Baltimore Cty - Mt Lebanon Cmnty Dev Corpn Cmnty Center and GymnasiumB&T
SB 502 Sen. Pugh Creation of a State Debt - Baltimore City - Healthy Start Client Service CenterB&T
SB 503 Sen. Pugh Creation of a State Debt - Baltimore City - Institutes for Behavior ResourcesB&T
SB 504 Sen. Pugh Creation of a State Debt - Baltimore City - Baltimore Design SchoolB&T
Distribution Date: FEBRUARY 1, 2012
Second Reading Date: FEBRUARY 2, 2012
Report Number: 12-001

Favorable Report
SB 23 FWA(2) Sen ReillyPublic Safety - Elevator Safety Review Board - Membership
SB 30 FAV Sens Klausmeier and KittlemanInjured Workers' Insurance Fund - Cancellation of Policies - Failure to Pay a Premium
SB 49 FWA(1) Sen AstleHorse Racing - Maryland-Bred Race Fund - Administration
SB 121 FWA(1) Chr FIN (Dept)Senior Prescription Drug Assistance Program - Sunset Extension
Withdrawn by sponsor
SB 27 UNF Sen SimonaireHealth Care Facilities - Notification of Death of Resident Under Guardianship
SB 97 UNF Sen KelleyMaryland Medical Assistance Program - Eligibility Determinations
SB 136 UNF Sen ZirkinCommercial Law - Consumer Contracts - Payment of Legal Fees
SB 137 UNF Sen ZirkinCommercial Law - Contract Provisions - Payment of Legal Fees