2012 Regular Session

Agenda for Senate Proceedings No. 4

January 16 2012

    Introductory Senate Bills No.005 completed
    Committee ReportJudicial Proceedings No.001 completed
JANUARY 16, 2012

SB 60 Sen. Stone Criminal Law - Knowingly Transferring the HIV Virus to Another Individual - FelonyJPR
SB 61 Sen. Stone Counties - Temporary Kennel LicenseEHE
SB 62 Sen. Stone Maryland Transportation Authority - Fixing or Revising Tolls - Legislative Approval RequiredFIN & B&T
SB 63 Sen. Kelley Child Abuse and Neglect - Failure to Provide Notice or Rpt - Civil Liability and Crim PenaltyJPR
SB 64 Sen. Simonaire Public Safety - Machine Gun Registration - Notice to RenewJPR
SB 65 Sen. Astle Dedicated Funds - Prohib of Transfer - ChesBay 2010 Trust Fund and Bay Restoration FundB&T
SB 66 Sen. Glassman Harford County - Alcoholic Beverages Licenses - Class C-3 Club LicenseEHE
SB 67 Sen. Glassman Harford County - Alcoholic Beverages Licenses - Residency Requirement for ApplicantsEHE
SB 68 Sen. Glassman Harford County - Alcoholic Beverages - Wine Festival LicenseEHE
SB 69 Sen. Brochin Elections - Early Voting - DatesEHE
SB 70 Sen. Kelley Family Law - Permanency Planning and Guardianship Review Hearings - Court ProceduresJPR
SB 71 Sen. Kelley Health - General - Posthumous Use of Donor Sperm and EggsFIN
SB 72 Sen. Kelley Medical Treatment - Youth - Registered Nurses and Physician AssistantsFIN
SB 73 Sen. Kelley State Government - Commemorative Days - Maryland Centenarians DayEHE
SB 74 Sen. Kelley Common Ownership Communities - Fidelity Insurance - IndemnificationJPR
SB 75 Sen. Kelley Condos and Homeowners Assns - Sales Contracts - Notice of Potential Special AssessmentsJPR
SB 76 Sen. Kelley Criminal Law - Controlled Dangerous Substances - Research - Synthetic CannabinoidsJPR
SB 77 Sen. Kelley Life Ins and Annuities - Unfair Clm Sttlmnt Pras - Failure to Cross-Check Death Master FileFIN
SB 78 Sen. Kelley Real Property - Condominiums and Homeowners Assns - Foreclosure of Certain Liens ProhibitedJPR
SB 79 Sen. Zirkin Baltimore County - Car Dealers - Sunday OperationsJPR
SB 80 Sen. Zirkin Courts - Evidence - Vehicle Repair EstimatesJPR
SB 81 Sen. Zirkin Baltimore County - Orphans' Court Judges - QualificationsJPR
SB 82 Sen. Zirkin Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund - Claims for Bodily Injury or Death - Payment LimitationFIN
SB 83 Sen. Zirkin Real Estate Brokers - Contract Provisions - Payment of Legal FeesEHE
SB 84 Sen. DeGrange Creation of a State Debt - Anne Arundel County - Hospice of the Chesapeake Renovation Phase 1B&T
SB 85 Sen. Jennings Election Law - Baltimore County Republican Party Central Committee - Election of ChairmanEHE
SB 86 Sen. Glassman Property Tax - Assessment Appeal Hearings - Right to RecordB&T
SB 87 Sen. Glassman State Payments of Public School Construction Costs - Remittance of Reimbursement to CountyB&T
SB 88 Sen. Glassman Local States of Emergency - Time Period - ExtensionEHE
SB 89 Sen. Jacobs Vehicle Laws - Nonfunctioning Traffic Control Signals - Requirement to StopJPR
SB 90 Sen. Jacobs Crimes - Manslaughter by Vehicle - Definition of "Operating"JPR
SB 91 Sen. Jacobs Election Law - Petitions - ConfidentialityEHE
SB 92 Sen. Ferguson Creation of a State Debt - Baltimore City - Meals on Wheels Green BuildingB&T
SB 93 Sen. Ferguson Creation of a St Debt - Baltimore Cty - Patterson Park Public Chrtr Sch Facade RestorB&T
SB 94 The President St Bd for Certfn of Resid Child Care Program Profs - Sunset Ext and Program EvaluationEHE
SB 95 The President State Board of Social Work Examiners - Sunset Extension and Program EvaluationEHE
SB 96 The President Occupational and Professional Licensing Design Boards - Sunset Provisions and Program EvaluationEHE
SB 97 Sen. Kelley Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Eligibility DeterminationsFIN
SB 98 Sen. Kelley Real Property - Recordation - Foreclosure SalesJPR
Distribution Date: JANUARY 13, 2012
Second Reading Date: JANUARY 16, 2012
Report Number: 12-001

Favorable Report
SB 41 FWA(1) Sen ColburnCrl Co, Dor Co, Tal Co, and Wic Co - Prospective Empls and Vols - Crim History Rcds Check