2012 Regular Session


File Code: Environment Crossfiled with: SENATE BILL 237
Sponsored By:
The Speaker (By Request - Administration) and Delegates Hucker, Barnes, Barve, Bobo, Cardin, Frush, Hubbard, Jones, Mizeur, Ross, Stein, and Waldstreicher
Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Act of 2012


Altering the Maryland renewable energy portfolio standard program to include a specified amount of energy derived from offshore wind energy; prohibiting the portion of the renewable energy portfolio that represents offshore wind energy from applying to retail electricity sales by a supplier in excess of a specified amount of industrial process load and specified sales in excess of a specified amount of electricity sold to specified customers who are owners of agricultural land; etc.

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House Action
First Reading Economic Matters
Hearing 2/23 at 1:00 p.m.
Hearing cancelled
Hearing 2/23 at 1:00 p.m.

Favorable with Amendments Report by Economic Matters
Favorable with Amendments {313396/1 Report Adopted
Special Order until 3/29 (Delegate Davis) Adopted
Floor Amendment (Delegate Haddaway-Riccio) {583225/2 Adopted
Floor Amendment (Delegate George) {753723/1 Rejected (41-92)
Floor Amendment (Delegate Rudolph) {613220/1 Adopted
Floor Amendment (Delegate Krebs) {213827/1 Rejected (43-86)
Floor Amendment (Delegate O'Donnell) {163929/1
Motion Special Order until 3/30 (Delegate O'Donnell) Rejected (47-83)
Floor Amendment (Delegate O'Donnell) Rejected (49-83)
Second Reading Passed with Amendments
Motion vote previous question (Delegate Minnick) Adopted
Third Reading Passed (88-47)
Senate Action
First Reading Senate Rules
Re-referred Finance

Sponsored by:

Speaker, The
Delegate Ben Barnes, District 21
Delegate Kumar P. Barve, District 17
Delegate Elizabeth Bobo, District 12B
Delegate Jon S. Cardin, District 11
Delegate Barbara Frush, District 21
Delegate James W. Hubbard, District 23A
Delegate Tom Hucker, District 20
Delegate Adrienne A. Jones, District 10
Delegate Heather R. Mizeur, District 20
Delegate Justin D. Ross, District 22
Delegate Dana Stein, District 11
Delegate Jeff Waldstreicher, District 18

Bill indexed under the following Subjects:

Alternative Energy Sources
Business and Economic Development, Department of
Commerce and Business -see also- Dealers; Elec. Comm.; etc
Committees and Commissions -see also- Political Committees
Energy Matters -see also- Alt Energy Res; Fuel; Power Plants
Environment, Department of
Environmental Matters -see also- Conserv; Nat Resrce; Pollut
Escrow Accounts
Fees -see also- Attys' Fees; Devt Fees & Taxes; Reimb Rates.
Forests and Parks -see also- Program Open Space; Trees
High Voltage Lines
Licenses -see also- Alcoholic Bev Lic; Drivers' Licenses
Minorities -see also- Women
Natural Resources -see also- Conserv; Forest & Park; Wildlds
Natural Resources, Department of
Prices -see also- Consumer Price Index
Public Information
Public Service Commission
Revenue and Taxes -see also- Dev Fees &Taxes; specific tax
Rules and Regulations
Shore Erosion
Small Business
Utilities -see also- High Voltage Lines; Telephones; Water
Work, Labor and Employment -see also- Col Barg; Holiday; etc

Bill affects the following Statutes:

Economic Development
( 5-1401 through 5-1404 )
Natural Resources
( 8-1102 )
Public Utilities
( 7-208 , 7-701 , 7-703 , 7-704 , 7-704.1 , 7-704.2 , 7-705 )
State Finance and Procurement
( 6-226 , 6-226 )


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Bill Text: First Reading, Third Reading, Enrolled
Fiscal and Policy Note: Available
Number: 163929/01     Offered on: March 29, 2012   at: 11:12 a.m.     Status: Rejected
Number: 213827/01     Offered on: March 29, 2012   at: 11:06 a.m.     Status: Rejected
Number: 313396/01     Offered on: March 28, 2012   at: 10:41 a.m.     Status: Adopted
Number: 583225/02     Offered on: March 29, 2012   at: 10:38 a.m.     Status: Adopted
Number: 613220/01     Offered on: March 29, 2012   at: 10:58 a.m.     Status: Adopted
Number: 753723/01     Offered on: March 29, 2012   at: 10:39 a.m.     Status: Rejected
Committee Votes :
Economic Matters
Roll Call Votes (Legislative dates are shown):
March 26, 2012: Floor Amendment (George) {753723/1 Rejected (41-92)
March 26, 2012: Floor Amendment (Krebs) {213827/1 Rejected (43-86)
March 26, 2012: Motion Special Order until 3/30 (ODonnell) Rejected (47-83)
March 26, 2012: Floor Amendment (ODonnell) Rejected (49-83)
March 27, 2012: Third Reading Passed (88-47)