2009 Regular Session

Article - Real Property - Index
Section Bill Action Bill Number
3-102 amended hb0729
3-104.1 amended hb0798
3-104.1 amended sb0807
7-105 amended hb0733
7-105 amended sb0823
7-105 amended sb0829
7-105.1 (a) without amendments hb0640
7-105.1 (b) and (c) without amendments hb0798
7-105.1 (a) and (h) amended hb0798
7-105.1 (c) amended hb0996
7-105.1 (b)(1) without amendments hb0996
7-105.1 amended hb1277
7-105.1 amended sb0203
7-105.1 (b) and (c) without amendments sb0807
7-105.1 (a) and (h) amended sb0807
7-105.1 amended sb0823
7-105.9 added hb0776
7-105.9 added sb0842
7-310 (a) amended hb0885
7-313 amended hb0869
7-313 (c) amended hb0885
7-401 (d) amended hb0079
8-110 (e), (f)(1) and (4) amended hb1006
8-110 (a), (b), (c), and (d) amended hb1006
8-110 (f)(1) and (4) amended sb0929
8-110 (a), (b), (c), (d), and (e) amended sb0929
8-110.1 (a) and (b) amended hb1006
8-110.1 (a) and (b) amended sb0929
8-111.2 amended hb1006
8-111.2 amended sb0929
8-111.3 added hb1006
8-111.3 added sb0929
8-119 added hb1239
8-201 without amendments sb0109
8-203 (e) and (h) amended hb0928
8-203 (d) without amendments hb0928
8-203 (b) without amendments sb0683
8-203.1 (a)(5) and (6) amended sb0382
8-203.1 (a) amended sb0683
8-203.1 (a) amended sb0812
8-209 added sb0823
8-211.2 added sb0109
8-215 added hb0830
8-216 added hb1498
8-216 added sb0823
8-217 added sb0823
8-401 (d)(1)(i) amended sb0683
8-401 (d)(1)(i) amended sb0812
8-402.3 (b) and (c) without amendments hb1006
8-402.3 (a), (n), and (o) amended hb1006
8-402.3 (b) and (c) without amendments sb0929
8-402.3 (a), (n), and (o) amended sb0929
8-402.4 amended hb1361
8-402.4 (c)(4) amended sb0382
8-406 added sb0683
8-406 added sb0812
8-701 amended hb1006
8-701 amended sb0929
8-702 (a) without amendments hb1006
8-702 (b) amended hb1006
8-702 (a) without amendments sb0929
8-702 (b) amended sb0929
8A-202 (c)(3) amended hb1344
8A-202 (c)(3) amended sb0935
8A-1001 amended hb1323
8A-1201 amended hb0692
8A-1201 amended hb1344
8A-1201 amended sb0935
8A-1202 thru 8A-1206 added hb0692
8A-1203 added hb0692
8A-1204 added hb0692
8A-1205 added hb0692
8A-1206 added hb0692
8A-1503 added hb1323
8A-1702 amended hb1323
8A-1703 amended hb1323
8A-1704 added hb1323
8A-1705 added hb1323
8A-1802 without amendments hb0692
9-102 (a) amended hb0544
9-102 (a) amended sb0364
10-206 added hb0729
10-702 (c) amended hb0233
10-702 (b) and (f) without amendments hb0233
10-705 amended hb0754
10-705 amended sb1027
10-708 added hb1496
11-103.1 (b)(2) amended sb0382
11-108.1 amended hb0151
11-108.1 amended hb0287
11-108.1 amended sb0201
11-109 (c)(16) amended hb0667
11-109 (c)(16) amended sb0742
11-109.1 (a) amended hb0553
11-109.1 (a) amended sb0171
11-109.2 without amendments hb0666
11-109.2 without amendments sb0570
11-109.4 added hb0666
11-109.4 added sb0570
11-110 (c) and (d) amended hb0074
11-110 (b)(1) without amendments hb0666
11-110 (b)(1) without amendments sb0570
11-114 amended hb0151
11-114 amended hb0287
11-114 amended sb0201
11-114.1 added hb0687
11-114.1 added sb0541
11-116 (c) and (d) amended hb0137
11-116 amended hb0667
11-116 amended sb0742
11-126 (b)(17) added hb0287
11-126 (b)(16) and (17) amended hb0287
11-126 (b)(16) and (17) amended sb0201
11-126 (b)(17) added sb0201
11-130 amended hb0850
11-132 added hb0667
11-132 repealed hb0667
11-132 added sb0742
11-132 repealed sb0742
11-135 (a)(6) added hb0287
11-135 (a)(4)(xii) and (5) and (b) amended hb0287
11-135 (a)(4)(xii) and (5) and (b) amended sb0201
11-135 (a)(6) added sb0201
11B-106.1 added hb0667
11B-106.1 added sb0742
11B-111 (4) amended hb0552
11B-111 (1) and (5) without amendments hb0552
11B-111 (4) amended sb0172
11B-111 (1) and (5) without amendments sb0172
11B-111.6 added hb0687
11B-111.6 added sb0541
11B-112 (a) and (b) amended hb0137
11B-112 (a) amended hb0667
11B-112 (a) amended sb0742
11B-112.2 added hb0074
11B-112.2 added hb0666
11B-112.2 added sb0570
11B-115 amended hb0850
11C-101 thru 11C-402 added hb0263
11C-101 thru 11C-402 added sb0147
11C-102 added hb0263
11C-102 added sb0147
11C-201 added hb0263
11C-201 added sb0147
11C-202 added hb0263
11C-202 added sb0147
11C-203 added hb0263
11C-203 added sb0147
11C-204 added hb0263
11C-204 added sb0147
11C-205 added hb0263
11C-205 added sb0147
11C-301 added hb0263
11C-301 added sb0147
11C-302 added hb0263
11C-302 added sb0147
11C-401 added hb0263
11C-401 added sb0147
11C-402 added hb0263
11C-402 added sb0147
12-104 (h) added hb0186
12-104 (a) without amendments hb0186
12-105 (a) and (b) amended hb0186
12-105 (c) without amendments hb0186
12-204.1 added sb0724
14-104 (a) amended hb1575
14-117 (m) added hb1034
14-117 (j) without amendments sb0657
14-117 (j-1) added sb0657
14-120 (e) thru (q) without amendments hb0099
14-120 (d) amended hb0099
14-120 (a)(1) and (5) without amendments hb0099
14-120 (e) thru (q) without amendments sb0159
14-120 (d) amended sb0159
14-120 (a)(1) and (5) without amendments sb0159
14-120 amended sb0339
14-120 (o) amended sb0382
14-126 amended hb0640
14-128.1 added hb0443
14-128.1 added sb0559
14-130 added hb0197
14-201 (b) amended hb0074