2009 Regular Session


File Code: State Government - Personnel Crossfiled with: HOUSE BILL 1243
Sponsored By:
Senators Raskin, Brochin, Dyson, Exum, Frosh, Garagiola, Harrington, Jones, King, Madaleno, Muse, Peters, Pinsky, Pugh, Rosapepe, Stone, and Kelley
Fairness in Negotiations Act


Establishing as an independent unit of State government a Public School Labor Relations Board to assume specified duties previously held by the State Board of Education; requiring the Public School Labor Relations Board to hear specified controversies and disputes; establishing that specified decisions by the Public School Labor Relations Board are final; requiring the Public School Labor Relations Board to adopt rules and regulations related to the designation of an exclusive representative; etc.

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Senate Action
First Reading Finance
Hearing 3/5 at 1:00 p.m.
Favorable with Amendments Report by Finance
Favorable with Amendments
Special Order evening session (Senator Mooney)
Favorable with Amendments
Committee Amendment Adopted
Special Order later today (Senator Harris) Adopted
Favorable with Amendments Report Adopted
Floor Amendment (Senator Harris)
Motion limit debate (Senator Kasemeyer) Adopted (33-12)
Floor Amendment (Senator Harris) Rejected (13-34)
Second Reading Passed with Amendments
Third Reading Passed (31-13)
House Action
No Action

Sponsored by:

Senator Jamie Raskin, District 20
Senator James Brochin, District 42
Senator Roy P. Dyson, District 29
Senator Nathaniel Exum, District 24
Senator Brian E. Frosh, District 16
Senator Rob Garagiola, District 15
Senator David C. Harrington, District 47
Senator Verna L. Jones, District 44
Senator Delores G. Kelley, District 10
Senator Nancy J. King, District 39
Senator Richard S. Madaleno, Jr., District 18
Senator C. Anthony Muse, District 26
Senator Douglas J. J. Peters, District 23
Senator Paul G. Pinsky, District 22
Senator Catherine E. Pugh, District 40
Senator Jim Rosapepe, District 21
Senator Norman R. Stone, Jr., District 6

Bill indexed under the following Subjects:

Administrative Agencies -see also- Electronic Government
Appeals -see also- Judicial Review
Arbitration -see also- Mediation
Collective Bargaining
Committees and Commissions -see also- Political Committees
Education, Boards of
Education, State Board of
Elections -see also- Ballots; Camp Financ; Pol Cands; Voting
Mediation -see also- Arbitration
Public Employees -see also- State Employees
Public Schools
Rules and Regulations
Work, Labor and Employment -see also- Col Barg; Holiday; etc

Bill affects the following Statutes:

( 2-205 , 6-401 , 6-405 , 6-408 , 6-408.1 , 6-501 , 6-506 , 6-510 , 6-511 , 6-801 , 6-802 , 6-803 , 6-805 , 6-806 , 6-807 )
State Personnel and Pensions
( 3-204 )


Bill Text (Displayed in PDF Format): First Reading, Third Reading, Enrolled
Fiscal and Policy Note (Displayed in PDF Format): Available
Amendments (Displayed in PDF Format):
Number: 117271/01     Offered on: April 13, 2009   at: 5:54 p.m.     Status: Adopted
Number: 423025/01     Offered on: April 13, 2009   at: 7:16 p.m.     Status: Rejected
Roll Call Votes (Legislative dates are shown):
April 9, 2009: Motion limit debate (Kasemeyer) Adopted (33-12)
April 9, 2009: Floor Amendment (Harris) Rejected (13-34)
April 10, 2009: Third Reading Passed (31-13)