2008 Regular Session


File Code: Criminal Law - Procedure Crossfiled with: SENATE BILL 552
Sponsored By:
Delegates Anderson, Barnes, Branch, Bronrott, Carter, Conaway, Davis, Dumais, Glenn, Harrison, Heller, Ivey, Jones, McIntosh, Montgomery, Oaks, Proctor, Ramirez, Robinson, Rosenberg, Schuler, Simmons, Stukes, Taylor, V. Turner, Valderrama, Vallario, and Vaughn
Criminal Procedure - Penalties - The "Smart on Crime" Act


Changing penalties for drug possession offenses based on the amount of drugs involved; specifying that a person convicted of specified drug- related offenses is not prohibited from participating in a drug treatment program because of the length of sentence; specifying that a person convicted of specified drug-related offenses who was previously convicted of specified offenses is not prohibited from participating in a drug treatment program because of the length of sentence; etc.

History by Legislative and Calendar Date

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House Action
First Reading Judiciary
Hearing 3/4 at 1:00 p.m.
Favorable with Amendments Report by Judiciary
Favorable with Amendments Report Adopted
Special Order 3/13 (Delegate O'Donnell) Adopted
Floor Amendment (Delegate O'Donnell)
Motion vote previous question (Delegate Minnick) Adopted
Floor Amendment (Delegate O'Donnell) Rejected (59-77)
Special Order 3/14 (Delegate Elmore) Adopted
Special Order 3/18 (Delegate Rosenberg) Adopted
Special Order 3/20 (Delegate Anderson) Adopted
Special Order p.m. session (Delegate Anderson)
Floor Committee Amendment
Special Order 3/21 (Delegate Elmore) Adopted
Floor Committee Amendment Rejected (62-68)
Second Reading Passed with Amendments
Recommit to Committee Judiciary (Delegate Anderson)
Senate Action
No Action

Sponsored by:

Delegate Curt Anderson, District 43
Delegate Ben Barnes, District 21
Delegate Talmadge Branch, District 45
Delegate William A. Bronrott, District 16
Delegate Jill P. Carter, District 41
Delegate Frank M. Conaway, Jr., District 40
Delegate Dereck E. Davis, District 25
Delegate Kathleen M. Dumais, District 15
Delegate Cheryl D. Glenn, District 45
Delegate Hattie N. Harrison, District 45
Delegate Henry B. Heller, District 19
Delegate Jolene Ivey, District 47
Delegate Adrienne A. Jones, District 10
Delegate Maggie McIntosh, District 43
Delegate Karen S. Montgomery, District 14
Delegate Nathaniel T. Oaks, District 41
Delegate James E. Proctor, Jr., District 27A
Delegate Victor R. Ramirez, District 47
Delegate Barbara Robinson, District 40
Delegate Samuel I. Rosenberg, District 41
Delegate Todd Schuler, District 8
Delegate Luiz R. S. Simmons, District 17
Delegate Melvin L. Stukes, District 44
Delegate Herman L. Taylor, Jr., District 14
Delegate Veronica Turner, District 26
Delegate Kriselda Valderrama, District 26
Delegate Joseph F. Vallario, Jr., District 27A
Delegate Michael L. Vaughn, District 24

Bill indexed under the following Subjects:

Controlled Dangerous Substances -see also- Substance Abuse
Crimes and Punishments -see also- Penalties; Sentences; etc.
Judicial Review -see also- Appeals
Prisoners -see also- Ex-Offenders
Sentences -see also- Death Penalty
Substance Abuse

Bill affects the following Statutes:

Criminal Law
( 5-601 , 5-602 , 5-603 , 5-607 , 5-608 , 5-609 , 5-609.1 )


Bill Text (Displayed in PDF Format): First Reading, Third Reading, Enrolled
Fiscal and Policy Note (Displayed in PDF Format): Available
Amendments (Displayed in PDF Format):
Number: 342918/03     Offered on: March 21, 2008   at: 4:55 p.m.     Status: Rejected
Number: 683120/01     Offered on: March 13, 2008   at: 10:25 a.m.     Status: Rejected
Number: 752110/01     Offered on: March 11, 2008   at: 10:53 a.m.     Status: Adopted
Roll Call Votes (Legislative dates are shown):
March 13, 2008: Floor Amendment (ODonnell) Rejected (59-77)
March 18, 2008: Floor Committee Amendment {342918/3 Rejected (62-68)