2007 Regular Session


File Code: Public Safety Prior Year Introduction As: HB 975/06 - JUD
Sponsored By:
Delegates Barkley, Ali, Aumann, Bates, Bohanan, Branch, Bronrott, Carter, G. Clagett, Conway, DeBoy, Dumais, Dwyer, Frank, Gutierrez, Guzzone, Heller, Jones, N. King, Kramer, Lee, McComas, McConkey, Montgomery, Proctor, Ramirez, Robinson, Schuler, Shank, Sophocleus, Stocksdale, Valderrama, Waldstreicher, and Wood
Public Safety - Correctional Officers - Minimum Age


Requiring the Secretary of Public Safety and Correctional Services to adopt specified regulations providing that any correctional officer hired on or after October 1, 2007, for employment in any unit within the Division of Correction must be at least 21 years old; and providing that the regulations exempt any honorably discharged veteran or reserve member of the United States armed forces from the minimum age requirement.

History by Legislative and Calendar Date

House Action
First Reading Judiciary
Hearing 3/1 at 1:00 p.m.
Favorable with Amendments Report by Judiciary
Favorable with Amendments Report Adopted
Second Reading Passed with Amendments
Third Reading Passed (137-0)
House Concur - Senate Amendments
Third Reading Passed (139-0)
Passed Enrolled
Senate Action
First Reading Judicial Proceedings
Hearing 3/28 at 1:00 p.m.
Favorable with Amendments Report by Judicial Proceedings
Favorable with Amendments Report Adopted
Second Reading Passed with Amendments
Third Reading Passed with Amendments (45-1)
Action after passage in House and Senate
Approved by the Governor
- Chapter 439

Sponsored by:

Delegate Charles Barkley, District 39
Delegate Saqib Ali, District 39
Delegate Susan L. M. Aumann, District 42
Delegate Gail H. Bates, District 9A
Delegate John L. Bohanan, Jr., District 29B
Delegate Talmadge Branch, District 45
Delegate William A. Bronrott, District 16
Delegate Jill P. Carter, District 41
Delegate Galen R. Clagett, District 3A
Delegate Norman H. Conway, District 38B
Delegate Steven J. DeBoy, Sr., District 12A
Delegate Kathleen M. Dumais, District 15
Delegate Donald H. Dwyer, Jr., District 31
Delegate William J. Frank, District 42
Delegate Ana Sol Gutierrez, District 18
Delegate Guy Guzzone, District 13
Delegate Henry B. Heller, District 19
Delegate Adrienne A. Jones, District 10
Delegate Nancy J. King, District 39
Delegate Benjamin F. Kramer, District 19
Delegate Susan C. Lee, District 16
Delegate Susan K. McComas, District 35B
Delegate Tony McConkey, District 33A
Delegate Karen S. Montgomery, District 14
Delegate James E. Proctor, Jr., District 27A
Delegate Victor R. Ramirez, District 47
Delegate Barbara Robinson, District 40
Delegate Todd Schuler, District 8
Delegate Christopher B. Shank, District 2B
Delegate Theodore Sophocleus, District 32
Delegate Nancy R. Stocksdale, District 5A
Delegate Kriselda Valderrama, District 26
Delegate Jeff Waldstreicher, District 18
Delegate John F. Wood, Jr., District 29A

Bill indexed under the following Subjects:

Armed Forces -see also- Militia
Correctional Officers
Public Safety and Correctional Services, Department of
Rules and Regulations
Work, Labor and Employment -see also- Col Barg; Holiday; etc

Bill affects the following Statute:

Correctional Services
( 2-109 )


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Amendments (Displayed in PDF Format):
Number: 312713/01     Offered on: March 13, 2007   at: 10:34 a.m.     Status: Adopted
Number: 188472/01     Offered on: April 5, 2007   at: 5:38 p.m.     Status: Adopted
Roll Call Votes (Legislative dates are shown):
March 15, 2007: Third Reading Passed (137-0)
April 1, 2007: Third Reading Passed (139-0)
April 2, 2007: Third Reading Passed (45-1)