2007 Regular Session


File Code: Real Property Crossfiled with: SENATE BILL 396
Sponsored By:
Delegate Rosenberg and the Speaker (By Request - Administration) and Delegates Anderson, Beidle, Branch, Bromwell, Carter, V. Clagett, Conaway, Doory, Dumais, Glenn, Hammen, Harrison, Haynes, Jones, Kach, Kirk, Krysiak, Lafferty, Lawton, Love, McHale, McIntosh, Oaks, Olszewski, Robinson, Schuler, Sophocleus, Stukes, and Tarrant
Ground Rents - Remedies for Nonpayment of Ground Rent


Applying provisions of law authorizing a landlord under a ground lease to bring an action for ejectment for nonpayment of ground rent to specified property; repealing provisions of law entitling the holder of a ground rent to reimbursement for expenses incurred in collecting past due ground rent and filing an action for ejectment; providing that the establishment of a lien is the remedy for nonpayment of a ground rent on specified residential property; establishing procedures for imposing and releasing a lien; etc.

History by Legislative and Calendar Date

House Action
First Reading Environmental Matters
Hearing 2/22 at 1:00 p.m.
Favorable with Amendments Report by Environmental Matters
Favorable with Amendments Report Adopted
Second Reading Passed with Amendments
Third Reading Passed (137-0)
House Concur - Senate Amendments
Third Reading Passed (135-0)
Passed Enrolled
Senate Action
First Reading Judicial Proceedings
Favorable with Amendments Report by Judicial Proceedings
Favorable with Amendments Report Adopted
Second Reading Passed with Amendments
Third Reading Passed with Amendments (47-0)
Action after passage in House and Senate
Vetoed by the Governor (Duplicative)

Sponsored by:

Delegate Samuel I. Rosenberg, District 41
Delegate Curt Anderson, District 43
Delegate Pamela Beidle, District 32
Delegate Talmadge Branch, District 45
Delegate Eric M. Bromwell, District 8
Delegate Jill P. Carter, District 41
Delegate Virginia P. Clagett, District 30
Delegate Frank M. Conaway, Jr., District 40
Delegate Ann Marie Doory, District 43
Delegate Kathleen M. Dumais, District 15
Delegate Cheryl Glenn, District 45
Delegate Peter A. Hammen, District 46
Delegate Hattie N. Harrison, District 45
Delegate Keith E. Haynes, District 44
Delegate Adrienne A. Jones, District 10
Delegate Wade Kach, District 5
Delegate Ruth M. Kirk, District 44
Delegate Carolyn J. Krysiak, District 46
Delegate Stephen W. Lafferty, District 42
Delegate Jane E. Lawton, District 18
Delegate Mary Ann E. Love, District 32
Delegate Brian K. McHale, District 46
Delegate Maggie McIntosh, District 43
Delegate Nathaniel T. Oaks, District 41
Delegate John A. Olszewski, Jr., District 6
Delegate Barbara Robinson, District 40
Delegate Todd Schuler, District 8
Delegate Theodore Sophocleus, District 32
Speaker, The
Delegate Melvin Stukes, District 44
Delegate Shawn Z. Tarrant, District 40

Bill indexed under the following Subjects:

Circuit Courts
Civil Actions -see also- Small Claims
Landlord and Tenant -see also- Eviction; Leases & Rent; etc.
Land Records -see also- Deeds
Leases and Rent
Liens -see also- Mechanics' Liens
Real Property

Bill affects the following Statutes:

Real Property
( 8-111.1 , 8-111.2 , 8-402.2 , 8-402.3 , 8-402.3 , 14-108.1 )


Bill Text (Displayed in PDF Format): First Reading, Third Reading, Enrolled
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Amendments (Displayed in PDF Format):
Number: 220412/01     Offered on: March 16, 2007   at: 11:36 a.m.     Status: Adopted
Number: 758178/01     Offered on: April 5, 2007   at: 5:01 p.m.     Status: Adopted
Roll Call Votes (Legislative dates are shown):
March 17, 2007: Third Reading Passed (137-0)
April 1, 2007: Third Reading Passed (135-0)
April 2, 2007: Third Reading Passed (47-0)