2007 Regular Session


File Code: Public Health Crossfiled with: SENATE BILL 91
Sponsored By:
Delegates Frush, Ali, Anderson, Aumann, Barkley, Barnes, Barve, Beidle, Benson, Bobo, Braveboy, Bronrott, Cane, Cardin, Carter, V. Clagett, Doory, Dumais, Elmore, Gaines, Gilchrist, Glenn, Goldwater, Griffith, Gutierrez, Guzzone, Haynes, Healey, Hecht, Heller, Holmes, Howard, Hubbard, Hucker, Ivey, Jones, Kach, N. King, Krebs, Kullen, Lafferty, Lawton, Lee, Manno, McIntosh, Mizeur, Montgomery, Morhaim, Murphy, Nathan-Pulliam, Niemann, Pena-Melnyk, Pendergrass, Proctor, Ramirez, Rice, Rosenberg, Ross, Schuh, Simmons, Stein, Stukes, Taylor, F. Turner, V. Turner, Valderrama, Vaughn, and Waldstreicher
Clean Indoor Air Act of 2007


Prohibiting a person from smoking tobacco products in indoor areas open to the public and indoor places of employment except under specified circumstances, beginning February 1, 2008; creating the Clean Indoor Air Act of 2007; requiring the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation to adopt regulations and to report to the General Assembly regarding enforcement efforts; establishing penalties and fines for the violation of the Act; etc.

History by Legislative and Calendar Date

House Action
First Reading Economic Matters
Hearing 3/7 at 1:00 p.m.
Favorable with Amendments Report by Economic Matters
Favorable with Amendments Report Adopted
Special Order 3/23 (Delegate D. Davis) Adopted
Special Order p.m. session (Delegate Rudolph) Adopted
Floor Amendment (Delegate Minnick) Rejected (38-94)
Second Reading Passed with Amendments
Third Reading Passed (98-40)
House Refuses to Concur - Senate Amendments
House Requests Senate Recede
Conference Committee Appointed ...
Delegates D. Davis, Vaughn, and Krysiak
Conference Committee Report Adopted
Third Reading Passed (101-39)
Passed Enrolled
Senate Action
First Reading Finance
Hearing 3/30 at 1:00 p.m.
Favorable with Amendments Report by Finance
Favorable with Amendments Report Adopted
Second Reading Passed with Amendments
Third Reading Passed with Amendments (33-14)
Senate Refuses to Recede
Conference Committee Appointed ...
Senators Garagiola, Astle, and Exum
Conference Committee Report Adopted
Third Reading Passed (31-16)
Action after passage in House and Senate
Approved by the Governor
- Chapter 502

Sponsored by:

Delegate Barbara Frush, District 21
Delegate Saqib Ali, District 39
Delegate Curt Anderson, District 43
Delegate Susan L. M. Aumann, District 42
Delegate Charles Barkley, District 39
Delegate Ben Barnes, District 21
Delegate Kumar P. Barve, District 17
Delegate Pamela Beidle, District 32
Delegate Joanne C. Benson, District 24
Delegate Elizabeth Bobo, District 12B
Delegate Aisha N. Braveboy, District 25
Delegate William A. Bronrott, District 16
Delegate Rudolph C. Cane, District 37A
Delegate Jon S. Cardin, District 11
Delegate Jill P. Carter, District 41
Delegate Virginia P. Clagett, District 30
Delegate Ann Marie Doory, District 43
Delegate Kathleen M. Dumais, District 15
Delegate D. Page Elmore, District 38A
Delegate Tawanna P. Gaines, District 22
Delegate Jim Gilchrist, District 17
Delegate Cheryl Glenn, District 45
Delegate Marilyn R. Goldwater, District 16
Delegate Melony G. Griffith, District 25
Delegate Ana Sol Gutierrez, District 18
Delegate Guy Guzzone, District 13
Delegate Keith E. Haynes, District 44
Delegate Anne Healey, District 22
Delegate Sue Hecht, District 3A
Delegate Henry B. Heller, District 19
Delegate Marvin E. Holmes, Jr., District 23B
Delegate Carolyn J. B. Howard, District 24
Delegate James W. Hubbard, District 23A
Delegate Tom Hucker, District 20
Delegate Jolene Ivey, District 47
Delegate Adrienne A. Jones, District 10
Delegate Wade Kach, District 5
Delegate Nancy J. King, District 39
Delegate Susan W. Krebs, District 9B
Delegate Sue Kullen, District 27B
Delegate Stephen W. Lafferty, District 42
Delegate Jane E. Lawton, District 18
Delegate Susan C. Lee, District 16
Delegate Roger Manno, District 19
Delegate Maggie McIntosh, District 43
Delegate Heather Mizeur, District 20
Delegate Karen S. Montgomery, District 14
Delegate Dan K. Morhaim, District 11
Delegate Peter Murphy, District 28
Delegate Shirley Nathan-Pulliam, District 10
Delegate Doyle L. Niemann, District 47
Delegate Joseline Pena-Melnyk, District 21
Delegate Shane E. Pendergrass, District 13
Delegate James E. Proctor, Jr., District 27A
Delegate Victor R. Ramirez, District 47
Delegate Craig L. Rice, District 15
Delegate Samuel I. Rosenberg, District 41
Delegate Justin D. Ross, District 22
Delegate Steven R. Schuh, District 31
Delegate Luiz R. S. Simmons, District 17
Delegate Dana Stein, District 11
Delegate Melvin Stukes, District 44
Delegate Herman L. Taylor, Jr., District 14
Delegate Frank S. Turner, District 13
Delegate Veronica Turner, District 26
Delegate Kriselda Valderrama, District 26
Delegate Michael L. Vaughn, District 24
Delegate Jeff Waldstreicher, District 18

Bill indexed under the following Subjects:

Alcoholic Beverages Licenses
Charles County
Cigarettes -see also- Smoking
Commerce and Business -see also- Dealers; Traders; etc
Counties -see also- Chartered Counties; Code Counties
Fire Protection
Frederick County
Health -see also- Mental Health
Health and Mental Hygiene, Department of
Hotels and Motels
Labor and Industry, Division of
Labor, Licensing, and Regulation, Department of
Laws and Ordinances -see also- Pub Local Laws; Uniform Laws.
Mass Transit -see also- Buses; Railroads
Municipal Corporations -see also- Annap; Balt; Hager; OC
Nonprofit Organizations
Occcupational Safety
Public Buildings and Facilities -see also- Stadiums; St Hse.
Rescue Squads -see also- Ambulances; Emergency Medical Serv.
Revenue and Taxes -see also- Dev Fees &Taxes; specific tax
Rules and Regulations
Signs and Billboards
Smoking -see also- Cigarettes
St. Mary's County
Washington County
Work, Labor and Employment -see also- Col Barg; Holiday; etc

Bill affects the following Statutes:

Business Regulation
( 2-105 )
Article - 25 County Commissioners
( 3 , 263B )
Health - General
( 24-205 , 24-501 , 24-501 , 24-502 , 24-502 , 24-503 , 24-503 , 24-504 , 24-504 , 24-505 , 24-505 , 24-506 , 24-507 , 24-508 , 24-509 , 24-510 , 24-511 )
Labor and Employment
( 2-106 , 2-106 , 5-101 , 5-314 , 5-608 )
State Finance and Procurement
( 7-317 )


Bill Text (Displayed in PDF Format): First Reading, Third Reading, Enrolled, Chapter
Fiscal and Policy Note (Displayed in PDF Format): Available
Amendments (Displayed in PDF Format):
Number: 293820/02     Offered on: March 23, 2007   at: 5:25 p.m.     Status: Rejected
Number: 833391/01     Offered on: March 22, 2007   at: 11:30 a.m.     Status: Adopted
Number: 637572/01     Offered on: April 4, 2007   at: 11:59 a.m.     Status: Adopted
Conference Committee Documents (Displayed in PDF Format):
Report Number: 103329/1     Offered on: April 9, 2007   at: 9:52 p.m.     Status: Adopted
Amendment Number: 513627/1     Offered on: April 9, 2007   at: 9:52 p.m.     Status: Adopted
Roll Call Votes (Legislative dates are shown):
March 20, 2007: Floor Amendment (Minnick) {293820/2 Rejected (38-94)
March 21, 2007: Third Reading Passed (98-40)
April 5, 2007: Third Reading Passed (101-39)
April 1, 2007: Third Reading Passed (33-14)
April 4, 2007: Third Reading Passed (31-16)