May 16, 2002

The Honorable Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr.
President of the Senate
State House
Annapolis MD 21401

Dear Mr. President:

In accordance with Article II, Section 17 of the Maryland Constitution, I have today vetoed Senate Bill 493 - Oysters - Nonnative and Native Species - Research and Report.

This bill requires the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to authorize the study of the Suminoe oyster (Crassostrea ariakensis) and other nonnative species. The study must include an analysis of the ecological benefits and risks associated with the introduction of both sterile and reproductively capable species. The study shall proceed in accordance with the findings of the National Academy of Sciences' review of the Suminoe oyster. The Department shall ensure that proper biosecurity measures, as defined by the protocols of the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea are followed. DNR also must study the current viability of native oysters and measures to increase their health and survival rate.

House Bill 353, which was passed by the General Assembly and signed by me, accomplishes the same purpose. Therefore, it is not necessary for me to sign Senate Bill 493.

Parris N. Glendening