May 16, 2002

The Honorable Casper R. Taylor, Jr.
Speaker of the House
State House
Annapolis MD 21401

Dear Mr. Speaker:

In accordance with Article II, Section 17 of the Maryland Constitution, I have today vetoed House Bill 493 - Maryland Income Tax - Subtraction Modification - Conservation Tillage Equipment.

This bill expands the definition of conservation tillage equipment, for the purposes of the subtraction modification allowed for expenses related to the purchase of such equipment, to include deep no-till rippers that do not invert the soil profile and are used to address compaction in high residue cropping systems. These items must be purchased after December 31, 2001 to be eligible for the subtraction.

Senate Bill 447, which was passed by the General Assembly and signed by me, accomplishes the same purpose. Therefore, it is not necessary for me to sign House Bill 493.

Parris N. Glendening