The Honorable Casper R. Taylor, Jr.
Speaker of the House
State House
Annapolis MD 21401

Dear Mr. Speaker:

In accordance with Article II, Section 17 of the Maryland Constitution, I have today vetoed House Bill 1407 - Scooters and In-Line Roller Skates - Protective Helmets.

This bill requires children under the age of 16 to wear protective headgear while riding a "scooter" or using in-line roller skates on any property open to or used by the public for pedestrian or vehicle traffic. Acceptable headgear must meet or exceed the standards set by the American National Standards Institute, the Snell Memorial Foundation or the American Society of Testing and Measurements.

Senate Bill 17, which was passed by the General Assembly and signed by me, accomplishes the same purpose. Therefore, it is not necessary for me to sign House Bill 1407.

Parris N. Glendening