2000 Regular Session


File Code: Higher Education
Sponsored By:
Delegates Guns, Conroy, Finifter, Rudolph, Owings, Boschert, Pitkin, W. Baker, Kach, Klausmeier, Cane, Mohorovic, Sophocleus, Hubbard, DeCarlo, Parrott, McClenahan, Dewberry, Kirk, K. Kelly, Baldwin, Taylor, Wood, Gordon, Minnick, Ports, Brown, Burns, Bohanan, Shriver, Turner, Donoghue, Hixson, James, Redmer, R. Baker, Linton, Bozman, Busch, Conway, C. Davis, Dypski, Krysiak, Elliott, Eckardt, Cole, Hubers, Proctor, Valderrama, Boutin, Griffith, Hecht, Cryor, Mitchell, V. Jones, Hammen, Arnick, Weir, Hutchins, O'Donnell, D'Amato, Kittleman, Morhaim, McKee, Kopp, Stocksdale, Zirkin, Edwards, Franchot, J. Kelly, Nathan-Pulliam, Swain, and Klima
Higher Education - Waiver of Tuition and Fees - Certain Disabled Veterans and Dependents of Veterans


Providing a waiver from tuition under specified circumstances for specified veterans and dependents of veterans, if the veteran or dependent enters the University System of Maryland, Morgan State University, St. Mary's College of Maryland, or a State community college; and requiring the veteran or dependent to meet specified academic standards.

History by Legislative Date

House Action
First Reading Appropriations
Hearing 3/2 at 11:00 a.m.
Hearing cancelled
Hearing 3/3 at 1:00 p.m.
Senate Action
No Action
Sponsored by:
Delegate Ronald A. Guns, District 36
Delegate John S. Arnick, District 7
Delegate Rushern L. Baker, III, District 22B
Delegate Wheeler R. Baker, District 36
Delegate Robert C. Baldwin, District 33
Delegate John L. Bohanan, Jr., District 29B
Delegate David G. Boschert, District 33
Delegate Charles R. Boutin, District 34
Delegate K. Bennett Bozman, District 38
Delegate Anthony G. Brown, District 25
Delegate Emmett C. Burns, Jr., District 10
Delegate Michael E. Busch, District 30
Delegate Rudolph C. Cane, District 37A
Delegate William H. Cole, IV, District 47A
Delegate Mary A. Conroy, District 23
Delegate Norman H. Conway, District 38
Delegate Jean B. Cryor, District 15
Delegate C. Richard D'Amato, District 30
Delegate Clarence Davis, District 45
Delegate Diane DeCarlo, District 6
Delegate Thomas E. Dewberry, District 47B
Delegate John P. Donoghue, District 2C
Delegate Cornell N. Dypski, District 46
Delegate Adelaide C. Eckardt, District 37B
Delegate George C. Edwards, District 1A
Delegate Donald B. Elliott, District 4B
Delegate Michael J. Finifter, District 11
Delegate Peter Franchot, District 20
Delegate Michael R. Gordon, District 17
Delegate Melony G. Griffith, District 25
Delegate Peter A. Hammen, District 46
Delegate C. Sue Hecht, District 3
Delegate Sheila E. Hixson, District 20
Delegate James W. Hubbard, District 23
Delegate Nancy M. Hubers, District 6
Delegate Thomas E. "Tim" Hutchins, District 28
Delegate Mary-Dulany James, District 34
Delegate Verna L. Jones, District 44
Delegate Wade Kach, District 9A
Delegate James M. Kelly, District 9B
Delegate Kevin Kelly, District 1B
Delegate Ruth M. Kirk, District 44
Delegate Robert H. Kittleman, District 14B
Delegate Katherine Klausmeier, District 8
Delegate Martha S. Klima, District 9A
Delegate Nancy K. Kopp, District 16
Delegate Carolyn J. Krysiak, District 46
Delegate Samuel C. Linton, District 28
Delegate Charles A. McClenahan, District 38
Delegate Robert A. McKee, District 2A
Delegate Joseph J. Minnick, District 7
Delegate Van T. Mitchell, District 28
Delegate Jacob J. Mohorovic, Jr., District 7
Delegate Dan K. Morhaim, District 11
Delegate Shirley Nathan-Pulliam, District 10
Delegate Anthony J. O'Donnell, District 29C
Delegate George W. Owings, III, District 27B
Delegate Joanne S. Parrott, District 35A
Delegate Joan B. Pitkin, District 23
Delegate James F. Ports, Jr., District 8
Delegate James E. Proctor, Jr., District 27A
Delegate Alfred W. Redmer, Jr., District 8
Delegate David D. Rudolph, District 35B
Delegate Mark K. Shriver, District 15
Delegate Theodore Sophocleus, District 32
Delegate Nancy R. Stocksdale, District 5
Delegate Darren M. Swain, District 24
Delegate Casper R. Taylor, Jr., District 1C
Delegate Frank S. Turner, District 13A
Delegate David M. Valderrama, District 26
Delegate Michael H. Weir, District 6
Delegate John F. Wood, Jr., District 29A
Delegate Robert A. Zirkin, District 11
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Bill affects the following Statutes:
( 13-701.1 , 14-108 , 14-406.1 , 16-106 )


Bill Text: First Reading (PDF), Third Reading, Enrolled
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Amendments: None offered