1997 Regular Session


File Code: Agriculture Prior Year Introduction As: HB 997/96 - ENV Crossfiled with: SENATE BILL 249
Sponsored By:
Delegates Pitkin, Morhaim, Perry, R. Baker, Barve, Benson, Bobo, Bonsack, Branch, E. Burns, Cadden, Clagett, Conroy, Crumlin, Cryor, DeCarlo, D. Davis, Dembrow, Dypski, Exum, Faulkner, Finifter, Fulton, Franchot, Frush, Fry, Genn, Goldwater, Grosfeld, Hammen, Harkins, Harrison, Healey, Hecht, Heller, Hixson, Howard, Hubbard, Hurson, Jacobs, Kagan, Kirk, Kopp, Krysiak, Leopold, Love, Mandel, Marriott, McIntosh, Menes, Minnick, C. Mitchell, Montague, T. Murphy, Muse, Nathan-Pulliam, Opara, Palumbo, Parker, Patterson, Pendergrass, Petzold, Poole, Preis, Proctor, Rosapepe, Rosenberg, Shriver, Turner, Vallario, Workman, and Watson
Parents' and Employees' Right to Know - Pesticide Applications - Schools and Child Care Centers


Requiring a principal of a public school and the operator or owner of a child care center to provide notice to parents, guardians, and staff of information regarding pesticide applications; authorizing pesticide applications; requiring a school principal or operator or owner of a child care center to place notices of an impending application in prominent areas; requiring students to vacate a portion of the building before a pesticide application; and providing immunity from civil liability under specified circumstances.

Legislative History

House Action
First Reading Environmental Matters
Hearing 3/19 at 1:00 p.m.
Unfavorable Report by Environmental Matters
Senate Action
No Action
Sponsored by:
Delegate Joan B. Pitkin, District 23
Delegate Rushern L. Baker, III, District 22B
Delegate Kumar P. Barve, District 17
Delegate Joanne C. Benson, District 24
Delegate Elizabeth Bobo, District 12B
Delegate Rose Mary Hatem Bonsack, District 34
Delegate Talmadge Branch, District 45
Delegate Emmett C. Burns, Jr., District 10
Delegate Joan Cadden, District 31
Delegate Virginia P. Clagett, District 30
Delegate Mary A. Conroy, District 23
Delegate Michael A. Crumlin, District 25
Delegate Jean B. Cryor, District 15
Delegate Dereck Davis, District 25
Delegate Diane DeCarlo, District 6
Delegate Dana Lee Dembrow, District 20
Delegate Cornell N. Dypski, District 46
Delegate Nathaniel Exum, District 24
Delegate Patricia Anne Faulkner, District 14A
Delegate Michael J. Finifter, District 11
Delegate Peter Franchot, District 20
Delegate Barbara Frush, District 21
Delegate Donald C. Fry, District 35A
Delegate Tony Edward Fulton, District 40
Delegate Gilbert J. Genn, District 16
Delegate Marilyn R. Goldwater, District 16
Delegate Sharon M. Grosfeld, District 18
Delegate Peter A. Hammen, District 46
Delegate James M. Harkins, District 35A
Delegate Hattie N. Harrison, District 45
Delegate Anne Healey, District 22A
Delegate Sue C. Hecht, District 3
Delegate Henry B. Heller, District 19
Delegate Sheila Ellis Hixson, District 20
Delegate Carolyn J. B. Howard, District 24
Delegate James W. Hubbard, District 23
Delegate John Adams Hurson, District 18
Delegate Nancy Jacobs, District 34
Delegate Cheryl C. Kagan, District 17
Delegate Ruth M. Kirk, District 44
Delegate Nancy K. Kopp, District 16
Delegate Carolyn J. Krysiak, District 46
Delegate John R. Leopold, District 31
Delegate Mary Ann E. Love, District 32
Delegate Adrienne A. Mandel, District 19
Delegate Salima Siler Marriott, District 40
Delegate Maggie L. McIntosh, District 42
Delegate Pauline H. Menes, District 21
Delegate Joseph J. Minnick, District 7
Delegate Clarence M. Mitchell, IV, District 44
Delegate Kenneth C. Montague, Jr., District 43
Delegate Dan K. Morhaim, District 11
Delegate Timothy D. Murphy, District 47A
Delegate C. Anthony Muse, District 26
Delegate Shirley Nathan-Pulliam, District 10
Delegate Clay C. Opara, District 41
Delegate Richard A. Palumbo, District 22A
Delegate Joan N. Parker, District 10
Delegate Obie Patterson, District 26
Delegate Shane E. Pendergrass, District 13A
Delegate Marsha G. Perry, District 33
Delegate Carol Stoker Petzold, District 19
Delegate D. Bruce Poole, District 2B
Delegate Mary Louise Preis, District 34
Delegate James E. Proctor, Jr., District 27A
Delegate James C. Rosapepe, District 21
Delegate Samuel I. Rosenberg, District 42
Delegate Mark K. Shriver, District 15
Delegate Frank S. Turner, District 13A
Delegate Joseph F. Vallario, Jr., District 27A
Delegate Carmena F. Watson, District 44
Delegate Betty Workman, District 1B
Bill indexed under the following Subjects:
Bill affects the following Statutes:
( 5-201 , 5-208.1 )


Bill Text:
First Reading (PDF), Third Reading, Enrolled
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